white design philosophy

Think about the space in which you live and/or work.
You also sleep there.
Get Ready.
Return to.

Does this space have meaning to you? Do you feel at ease there? My designs are intended to be of service. To elevate the banal.
They are meant to enable your life and enhance your living space for a peaceful existence.

With an external world that can seem amiss, I find solace in returning to a space that is comfortable, tidy and calm. It helps me breathe a little easier to know what I am returning to, even when I am not physically occupying that space.
" to make of a dwelling place a complete work of art, in itself as expressive and beautiful and more intimately related to life than anything of detached sculpture or painting......this is the american opportunity.......a higher ideal of unity, a higher and more intimate working out of the expressions in one's environment " f. l. wright

"I brought Scott a rough sketch of a media cabinet I wanted built. He eagerly accepted the task and now I have a beautiful piece of original furniture from a talented artist." Brett, Albuquerque

What some have said.......

innovative. austere. beautiful. honest. fine art. creative. fresh. original...... a few descriptive words. See for yourself.

Collaboration is energetic and fulfilling; working with clients to create beautiful furnishings for their homes.
Your home is a sanctuary that reflects your personal style. When your living space is peaceful and calm, it will permeate throughout your entire life.

My work is to your specifications. Call me for a one on one custom consultation.

"All you need is a kickstart from somebody who can stamp your shit." Snoop Dogg